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“Saved by the 90’s!”

This started as a graffiti inspired polish after I went to an event in Birmingham called “Sneaks and Peaks”. Super rad event which you can catch up on here:

The colour palette of the polish was inspired by this piece.

So I made the polish and it’s pretty but every time I look at it, I just see hideous/beautiful 90’s shell suit jackets and Saved by the Bell’s opening theme tune background.

This is my hideous jacket which my boyf’s mum calls the “Jimmy Saville Jacket that can’t step foot in my house” *sigh*. Lucky for her, I only wore it to a 90’s party last year. But I still can’t help but think it’s cool…
jim'll fix it

As a child of the 90’s, I do feel I should honour the hideous decade of obscene colour clashing that brought me so much joy, but to be honest, I’m not 100% sure about whether I love this one or not, so feedback would be super 🙂 Heres a little look at what I have so far on a blue base:


“I ♥ LDN”

Following a year of British triumphs and a general love affair with the big ol’ Capital, I have come up with a Polish which I have named “I ♥ LDN”. As I read the name of this polish to myself, I say it in tune with the Crystal Fighters song ( which makes it seem so much more rad than it actually is.

A big part of the colour scheme is do with my fave little guys, the Royal guards  (my socks are so much better than the real people!)

I especially like it over the glitter blue because I think it looks quite union jack-y.

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“Sea-greed Siren”

Remember the merpeople in Harry Potter?! Well, this is what this polish is inspired by. Its kinda sexy, mermaid lookin’ but murky and dangerous too.

The pictures to follow are on a dark blue base coat to look like a dark sea. Anyway, take a looksee! Please excuse my terrible paint job and workman’s hands.

Potter Mermaid


“Star Glazer/Cosmic Rubble”

I have long searched for a glitter polish that looked like a night’s sky but have never found what I had in mind. For me, they have always been boring [insert dark colour here] with a touch of sparkle. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
I’m currently in the process of making a BUSY night’s sky with a quantity of glitters. It does need a little tweaking still, I want it slightly darker and more stars! But, here it is so far – Sorry about the messy painting/bad photo.


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“Flamingo Fling”

One of my favourite things about visiting Cyprus (where my family live) is the drive from the airport where we pass the beautiful salt lake. Each summer, the flamingos visit and it is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

So, in honour of my favourite bird, I am coming up with a polish centred around the fabulous flamingo. It’s going to be a delicate glitter polish with a romantic feel – after all, the flamingo’s are in love. The photos I have taken are not the finished product, I’m thinking chunky pastel pinks against a darker brighter pink with a dash of blue. But this is at least a start.

Flamingo Fling

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